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Study with enthusiasm and confidence

Keep motivated to learn French 

enthusiasm, the key of a good learning

To keep your attention, I diversify my activities and resources.


I teach through games, because we learn better when we are having fun.

I privilege contextualization. We assimilate more when we are facing concrete cases in daily life.

I stimulate conversation. Language is above all a communication tool.

A pleasant and confident atmosphere

Don't worry if you are wrong. Mistakes are part of learning. It is by making mistakes and correcting them that you make progress.

One of my slogans is, the more you practice, the better you get ! During the course, you can be sure, you will speak!

Keep in mind that French is a living language.


A mutual relationship for AN effective learning

I prepare the lessons in order to meet your expectations

I develop the most appropriate method for your profile to make the course more attractive, accessible and understandable.

Language learning is not limited to the time of class.


You must provide personal work and put in practice the skills acquired during the French course.

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