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Face-to-face and online French lessons

Quién soy

Who I am

I graduated with a master's degree in International Business which included English and Spanish languages.   I decided to focus on Tourism in order to meet my interests which include; openness to the world, cultural exchange, travel and foreign languages.

My passion for languages pushed me to make a detour into teaching French. Thus, I got a university degree in teaching French as a foreign language.  


Today, I share my passion by teaching my mother tongue to people who don't speak French.  

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Elige tu clase

Choose your French Course

Learning a Language should be fun!

You are free to attend private or group lessons. 

Whatever your choice, know that the classes are based on enthusiasm, confidence and attentiveness.

The most important thing is that you maintain your interest in learning French, that you feel free to express yourself in French without pressure or judgment, and that together we make your learning a success.   

Private cOurses

Up to 2 people

group courses

From 4 to 6 people

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